Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"An Unbelievably Small" Regime

I am pleased to report that opposition to Obama's rush to war against Syria is hardening in the House, with 246 representatives against, 72 of them Democrats2 new polls suggest that Obama's approval rating, particularly on foreign policy, is dropping like a stone.  The Obama regime's red line on the use of chemical weapons is rapidly transforming into a green line.  First, they made preparations of war.  Then they downgraded their threat to "an unbelievably small" strikeNow they are accepting a Russian proposal to help Assad escape the consequences of his regime's actions.  This is very similar to the proposal I suggested and its purpose is to help the Assad regime escape the consequences of its actions.  If the Russian proposal is accepted, Obama's red line will be seen as a green line.  The Syrian people will know that the Assad regime can use its chemical weapons with impunity and get away with it scot-free.  Nobody should believe that Assad will give up all of his chemical weapons.  The Syrian people certainly aren't as naive as Obama and Assad will succeed in his tactic of intimidating his people.  Not to mention the fact that this will humiliate all of the Congressional cheerleaders of Obama's war.  Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (Democrat, Nevada) and Secretary of State John Kerry compared Assad to Hitler.  Apparently, Democrats believe it's perfectly alright to come to terms with Hitler and let him remain in power.  I recall a famous man who thought that way, too.  His name was Neville Chamberlain.

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