Saturday, August 17, 2013

US Policy Toward Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood's record of radicalism speaks for themselves.  The question now is the way forward.  Earlier, I spoke of the need for Egypt to have a bloody civil war to repudiate radical Muslims.  As distasteful as a civil war may be, what is worse is to allow one of the most important countries of the Middle East with a population of 85 million people fall under the control of Islamic radicals.  Under these circumstances, a sane US administration (which clearly does not exist now) will do everything necessary to help Egypt win its fight for a saner future.  There should be massive foreign aid to lower inflation in Egypt and major arms deliveries and maybe even air support to help Egypt crush the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Obama regime's disastrous Middle East policy is best characterized here:
Incredibly, some officials close to [Secretary of State John] Kerry were arguing in recent weeks that one reason not to designate Egypt’s coup a coup was to avoid dampening the Mideast “peace process” — whose prospects for success are invisible to all outside the administration, including the Israelis and Palestinians themselves. Never mind the burning city, goes the logic; we’ve got our hands full building this Potemkin village.

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