Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Congress Should Impeach Obama

No, that's not my idea. Rather, that's Vice President Biden's idea. In 2007, Biden suggested that President Bush should be impeached if he attacked Iran without Congressional authorization. Obama already attacked Libya without Congressional authorization and seems to be planning to do the same again with regard to Syria. If Obama is to be impeached, then using the country's armed forces to aid and abet al Qaeda affiliates and radical Muslims hostile to the US should be one of the charges against him.

The coming war against Syria, supposedly to stop the use of chemical weapons, may actually result in the gassing of more civilians. The incoherence of the Obama regime with regard to Syria is demonstrated by their claim that there will be no regime change. In other words, the Assad regime, in using chemical weapons, is so evil that they deserve to be attacked but... should be left in power.  As the old saying goes, never strike at a king unless you can strike him dead. Leaving a vengeful Assad regime in place essentially guarantees its undying allegiance to Moscow and Tehran.

We have seen this movie before. The Clinton Administration chose to launch some pinprick strikes against al Qaeda in Afghanistan in 1998. Three years later, planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York. Since pinprick strikes did nothing to seriously undermine their capabilities, they actually served to embolden the terrorists by leading them to believe that such ineffective show of force is the extent of US capabilities.

About the only good thing regarding the coming war against Syria is that this time, there is no pretense of UN authorization. Ironically, the Obama regime will continue to signify the increasing irrelevance and hopefully eventual end of these international organizations.

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