Friday, August 30, 2013

British House of Commons may Have Put a Crimper on Obama's Rush to War

Let me take this opportunity to offer the sincerest and most fulsome apology possible to the British House of Commons. I seriously underestimated them. I thought they could postpone the war. Now, they actually prevented Britain from going to war at all and may even prevent the war from happening. This is a remarkable achievement for a parliamentary system and I salute the British Labour Party and the Tory rebels in particular for their courage and dedication to principle and their restoration of parliamentary supremacy in their country.

If the GOP has a leadership that is remotely as principled, then this war is very easy to stop. All it takes is for the House of Representatives to pass a resolution stating that the planned military action against Syria constitutes a war and therefore Obama is required to receive Congressional authorization before he can launch the operation. If Obama fails to receive Congressional authorization but chooses to go to war anyway, that will constitute an illegal war. Any military officer, including the commander-in-chief, will be charged with carrying out illegal orders once the administration changes. Such a resolution should paralyze military command and force Obama to seek Congressional consent.

In related news, Russia is sending 2 warships to the Mediterranean as a show of force in support of its Syrian ally.  This is to be expected.  The Syrian port of Tarsus is the only Russian naval port in the Mediterranean.  So one should not be surprised to see Moscow doing everything possible to save the Assad regime.  The Obama regime's rush to war over the Syrian use of chemical weapons is particularly ridiculous in light of the fact that they refused to send gas masks to the Syrian rebels for more than a year.  In one final bit of good news, a British resolution to support the use of force against the Assad government was blocked in the UN.

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