Friday, July 5, 2013

Replay of Algeria

Now that the Egyptian military did the entire civilized world a favor by removing their Muslim Brotherhood president, "[s]tocks in Cairo rose by 7% on Thursday on the news, their largest one-day percentage gain in over a year."  The removal immediately sparked celebrations in the streets, underlining the public support for the military action and how deeply unpopular Morsi had become.  What led to the coup is a story of failure of 2 men, Morsi and Obama, the partners in incompetence.  Since the original revolution that overthrew Mubarak, "[h]omicide rates have tripled since 2011, armed robberies have risen by 1204 percent since 2010, abductions have risen four-fold, and burglaries are up by 50 percent."  While the country was spiraling down the abyss, the Muslim Brotherhood was concerned with consolidating their power, much like their friend in the White House.  I'm reminded of the way the Algerian military also staged a coup to prevent radical Muslims from gaining control of their country.  The result was a bloody civil war that the military nevertheless won.  If the Muslim Brotherhood stages similar violence, let's hope the people of Egypt will also prevail.

It says much about how irrelevant Obama is on the world stage that despite his regime's best efforts to save Morsi, the Egyptian military got rid of him anyway.  Obama did succeed in increasing the Egyptian people's hostility toward his regime.  See exhibit A, exhibit B, and exhibit C.  Now that the Egypt affair has once again demonstrated the utter incompetence of the Obama regime in foreign policy, the regime is retreating to familiar ground: rewriting history to erase their failures.

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