Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Obama's Racist Re-Election Campaign

The Obama campaign is using language that the Congressional Black Caucus considers to be racially-tinged to raise moneyThis is an incomplete list of the companies responsible for funding the Democratic show in Charlotte, North CarolinaDespite the crime wave in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and former chief of staff to Obama sent 50 police officers to secure the Democratic party in North Carolina.  This is also at a time when 11 Chicago police officers sued Mayor Emmanuel for racism.  The Democratic convention has already distinguished itself with a delegate from California being ejected after lying to the police and pretending to be a CongressmanThe smallness of the convention is a good metaphor for Obama's shrinking base of support.  It also reflects Obama's bunker mentality.  As he's being bombarded by the GOP's air campaign, he's now hunkering down with his diminishing supporters.  His delusions of grandeur long predated his polling woes.

Meanwhile, Obama is being accused of being a traitor by liberal loons.  I guess it's because he hasn't lined up the kulaks along the wall to be shot and declared a communist revolution from the White House.  It's certainly hard to see any reason why Democrats want to support Obama, considering how often Democrats he supports have a way of losing elections, just as it's difficult to understand why anybody thinks having former President Bill Clinton speak at the convention will help his party, considering Clinton's track record of "helping" other Democrats.  Liberals are a bunch of narcissists.  Expecting the largest gathering of narcissists in the country to help people is to defy Logic.

Finally, there are reasons to believe that former Gov. Romney (R. Massachusetts) will win the electionThis is another interesting political quiz.

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