Friday, August 3, 2012

The Mess of Contradictions in the Green Orthodoxy

The Obama economic stagnation and the regime's bureaucratic regulations are strangling the coal power industry.  57 coal-powered generators representing 9 gigawatts of power generation will shut down this year.  Meanwhile, the "green power" fantasy is rapidly turning from an embarrassment into a catastrophe.  The solar-power company Solyndra received $527 million from the Obama regime.  Now that the company went bankrupt, taxpayers will only recover $24 millionAs a sign of how gullible liberals are about "global warming," they were fooled into thinking that hot weather in Oklahoma could melt street lightsIn defense of Obama's "green power" fantasies, the regime is willing to risk a trade war with China by imposing tariffs ranging from 20-73% on Chinese-made steel wind turbine towers.  This represents such a delicious clash and repudiation of liberal orthodoxies:

i. Whatever happened to "green jobs?"  Apparently, they're in China.
ii. Whatever happened to liberal compassion of poor people abroad?  This is a transparent attempt to force companies to locate those jobs in the US which will cause those poor Chinese to lose their jobs.  Apparently, according to liberal orthodoxy, providing international hand outs is fine, but giving them jobs is not.

Meanwhile in Britain, those supposedly environmentally-friendly Olympic taxis have to be transported 130 miles to be refueled.  In contrast to the catastrophe and follies of "green power", frack sand mining is boosting Wisconsin's economy.

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