Saturday, July 4, 2015

More Legal Challenges Against Obama's Health Insurance Scheme

Aside from the challenge from the House of Representatives on the Obama regime's assumption of the appropriation power of Congress, Sissel v. HHS will hoist the Chief Justice Roberts on his own petard. Since Roberts defended Obama's scheme by claiming that it is a tax, all tax measures can only originate from the House, not the Senate. The House law suit may also be bolstered by a recent ruling of the Roberts Court on the Arizona redistricting case. While the Roberts Court again defended Obama's scheme, it will only lead to the demise of the state health insurance exchanges. Thanks to Obama's scheme, Massachusetts will raise its health insurance premiums by 21% and Illinois by 29%. Finally in Britain, land of the death panels, another woman died during childbirth at Homerton University Hospital in east London. It was the 5th such death since 2013 in the same hospital.

Liberal Nut Attacked Pro-Lifers

Liberal nut attacked pro-lifers in Austin, Texas.

British Funding for Islamic Terrorists

The wife of an al Qaeda leader who inspired the attack on the offices of the French satiric publication Charlie Hebdo currently resides in Britain and is on state benefits. In fact, hundreds of British citizens have joined the Daesh in the Middle East and many of them are still taking welfare benefits from the British government.

Greek Refugees

Over 200,000 Greeks have quit the country since the financial crisis began in 2010....

Defending State Secrets

I am pleased to note that a man who leaked classified information from the CIA was convicted of his crime. In addition, a California district court judge dismissed a challenge to the NSA's Internet surveillance operations.

Major Victory on the Medical Front

I am pleased to note that rubella was eliminated from the Western Hemisphere.

Anglo-Saxon Pendant

It is worth nearly $78,000.

World's Oldest Cat

It is 27 years old and resides in San Diego, California.

Friday, July 3, 2015

The Crime of Helping Employees Pay for Health Insurance

The Obama regime will fine "[s]mall businesses that reimburse employees for the cost of premiums for individual health insurance policies or pay their health costs directly..." $36,500/employee/year. Thanks to Obama's health insurance scheme, Oregon may raise its heath insurance premium by 25%. The underinsured population of the US leapt from 12% in 2003 to 23% now. No matter how bad a situation is, Obama can always make it worse. On the other hand, executives of Obama's health co-ops are paid $263,000 to $587,000. In Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, private pharmacists are being brought in to treat emergency room patients. This is a familiar story now, the private sector coming to the rescue of the incompetent government sector.

A Humane Approach for Perverts

Religious university in Israel "suggested that allowing a public LGBT event to go ahead was comparable to permitting an event promoting pedophilia." Instead, the university recommended counseling instead.

Obama Doesn't Know His Brief

Obama has no idea who he was talking to.

Christianity in the US

A breakdown of Christianity in the US.

The Advance of 2nd Amendment Rights in the US

I am pleased to note that Wisconsin will "expand the rights of gun owners by removing a 48-hour waiting period for those looking to purchase a firearm and allowing off-duty or retired police officers to carry concealed weapons at public schools." A frivolous law suit against a fire arms maker was dismissed with prejudice as the federal judge ordered that the plaintiffs have to pay the company's legal fees.

Greek Socialists Run Out of Their People's Money

Thanks to the reckless spending of their government, the virtual bankruptcy of their country brought on a humanitarian crisis.

Health Benefits of Red Cabbages

It contains 10 times more vitamin A than green cabbages.

790 lbs. Hog

It was captured in Texas.

Admiral Nelson's Teapot

It is worth more than $31,000.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Government Health Care - Byword for Ineptness

Veterans at Farmington, New Mexico have to wait more than a month for treatment.
The nation's largest supplier of HIV and AIDS medical care is accused of bilking Medicare and Medicaid in an elaborate $20 million scam that spanned 12 states....
The inspector general of the Treasury Dept. reported that contrary to the requirements of Obama's health insurance scheme, "The IRS cannot be sure that Americans who lacked health insurance last year have complied with Obamacare’s 'individual mandate' penalty this tax season...."

In Britain, land of the death panels, 7 babies and 3 mothers died within 8 months in 2 British hospitals. Britain's health service is being reduced to ask patients to conduct self-diagnoses using a web site.

Robotics and Ethics

It doesn't look much like a dog, so it doesn't trigger any animal cruelty concerns with me. The underlying problem about cruelty is not about the victim, but the perpetrator. If the attack is unjustifiable, then the victim's conscience should be at peace. It's the perpetrator's conscience that should be troubled. Cruelty brutalizes the perpetrator as well as the victim, but the former may adjust to it much easier than the latter. The ancient Chinese said that the greatest tragedy lies in the death of the heart, the death of the body is secondary. Therefore, the evil of cruelty is the way that, through repeated exposures, the perpetrator might become used to it and perhaps even begin to enjoy it.

Political Sabotage

GOP mailings in Wisconsin were wantonly destroyed by a mailman.

"Reality Does Not Respect a Democracy’s Delusions"

You cannot vote to defy the rules of economics. Meanwhile, Greeks are eating from garbage bins. If they don't cut their government spending, they'll be eating each other soon.

New Alzheimer's Treatment

The illness affects 15 million people worldwide.

The Seal of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses the Great

He ruled the country from 1279-1213 BC.

$37,500 Tuna

It was nearly 397 lbs, or about $94/lb.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Even More Problems with Obama's Health Insurance Scheme

About 13,000 customers of Washington’s Obamacare health exchange had triple their premiums withdrawn from bank accounts....
3 state health insurance exchanges have already failed. A doctor and 3 others in Michigan defrauded Medicaid. In Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, a man with a broken leg was not considered to be in a serious condition to require an ambulance, forcing him to call Uber instead. Once again, the free market comes to the rescue where the State failed. On the other hand, the Kent and Canterbury Hospital is paying about $460,000/year for a chief executive who only has to work 4 days a week.

Sound Advice

Homosexuals should not be trusted.

Another Entry in the Fake Hate Crimes File

A homosexual activist from Ohio faked his own abduction.

Federal Court Suspends Obama's Fracking Regulations

I am pleased to report that a federal district court in Wyoming suspended the Obama regime's attempt to regulate hydraulic fracturing.

The Failed State/EU Member: Greece

Greece defaulted on its IMF loan and had to impose capital controls. Since 2008, Greek GDP shrank by more than 25%. Greece is now in a worse position than the US was after the Great Depression and worse than Germany after losing WWI.

Healthy Eating, Healthy Life

An avocado a day can help reduce high cholesterol, scientists claim
Oily fish helps combat arthritis and beetroot juice helps blood pressure
A cup of hot chocolate can help stave off memory loss, research shows
While a bowl of porridge rich in magnesium helps combat diabetes

Map of Goats in the US

There are more than 2.6 million goats in the US in 2012.

A Historic Occasion

4 surviving copies of Magna Carta united.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Perverse Disincentives of Obama's Health Insurance Scheme

The company Staples threatens to fire any part-time worker who works more than 25 hours/week to avoid offering them health benefits, thus effectively lowering their income as well. Cornell University is charging students who refuse to purchase health insurance a penalty of $350. Considering how left-leaning college students tend to be, I'd say they deserve it. After all, the general population who refuse to be coerced into buying health insurance will be fined at least $95. So it's fair for Obama's supporters to be penalized as well. Health insurance premiums are skyrocketing anywhere from 30% in Maryland and Tennessee to 51% in New Mexico.

In Britain, land of the death panels, general practitioners are delaying cancer referrals, costing about 10,000 lives/year. A patient who underwent a pancreas transplant had to remove her own surgical staples because she could not get an appointment with a doctor for a week.

Russia is Emerging as the Moral Superpower

As the US sinks into the moral sewers, Russia is hardening its stand against immorality.

Nutty Professor

Liberal nut went ranting on an airplane.

Wishful Thinking

Lawmakers on Wednesday demanded accountability from the Bureau of Land Management following an investigation that found the government routinely fails to secure proper bonding from wind and solar project developers, potentially leaving taxpayers on the hook for millions of dollars.
The Government Accountability Office report — which gives more fuel to critics who say President Obama will push “green” power at all costs — also said that the administration has kept shoddy records, may have shredded bond documents and blatantly treats renewable power differently than it treats fossil fuel projects.
In related news, a German study revealed that "man-made aerosols had a much smaller cooling effect on the atmosphere during the 20th Century than was previously thought", further undermining the global warming myth.

Espionage on the French Government

As in cases like this, the mistake is in allowing the secret to be exposed.

Benefits of Coffee

The panel cited minimal health risks associated with drinking between three and five cups per day. It also said that consuming as many as five cups of coffee each day (400 mg) is tied to several health benefits, including a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

CSS Hunley

[T]he first submarine ever to sink an enemy warship in combat - in 1864

The 80-Year-Old Agave Plant

The average life expectancy of such a plant is only 25 years.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Trials of Obama's Health Insurance Scheme

The federal government has agreed to pay $570,000 in legal fees to attorneys who handled Conestoga Wood Specialties' successful challenge of the Affordable Care Act's birth control mandate.
California's state health insurance exchange is engaged in a campaign to hide its operations from scrutiny. Congressional Budget Office report suggests that Obama's scheme will cost about $50,000 to insure each person. The GOP reaffirmed their commitment to repeal Obama's scheme as the House of Representatives voted 239-186 to do so. Finally, the number of veterans who are on waiting lists for a month or longer skyrocketed by 50% in a year.

Liberalism is About Mass Murder

The Dutch are considering offering euthanasia to children under the age of 12. Assisted suicide in Flanders now accounts for 5% of all deaths. Many of the victims were not suffering from terminal illness. Some of them commit suicide on a whim or for financial reasons. In fact, thousands of Belgians have been euthanized even though they never asked for it. Euthanasia cases in Belgium in 2013 jumped by 27% over the previous year. Fortunately, there are still parts of the US that are holding out against mass murder. The Republican state senate of Maine voted 18-17 against a proposal to legalize euthanasia.

The Nature of Democrats is Stinginess

For the past 6 years, VP Biden gave an average of $369/year to charity. Last year alone, I donated about $5,800 to charity and I don't earn anywhere close to his salary. So, just one year of my donation is equivalent to 15 years of his donations.

Green Energy is Overpriced

As the use of green energy becomes more prevalent, energy prices are skyrocketing. Meanwhile, research suggests that $5,000 worth of energy efficiency upgrades only saved $2,400 in energy costs.

French Economy Continues Its Smooth Ride Down Hill

The French unemployment rate reached 9.9%. The socialist government felt compelled to drop its class warfare-style 75% tax on the rich.

Spice can Erase Fear

Curcumin, a bright-yellow compound found in the root of the Indian spice turmeric, prevented new fear memories being stored in the brain, and also removed pre-existing fear memories....

World’s Last Male Northern White Rhinoceros

It is under guard in Kenya.

Penny from 1792

It was sold for almost $2.6 million.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Popular Resistance Against Obama's Health Insurance Scheme

Many Americans are rejecting the Obama regime's coercion. Thanks to Obama's scheme, individual health insurance premium rates jumped by an average of 50% last year. An owner of 16 IHOP restaurants was forced to sell them because of Obama's scheme. 243 people were arrested for defrauding Medicare and medicaid of $712 million. Obama's expansion of Medicaid will only encourage such criminality. Finally in Britain, land of the Random Health Service (RHS):
Patients are 18 times more likely to have their care funded in some parts of England than others....

Preparing a Loving Environment for Children

[D]ata show that the rate of witnessing domestic violence among children living with never-married mothers was 116 children per 1,000, “six times higher than the rate for children in intact families....

Obama's Regime of Fear

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) tried to hide an email about its fear of upsetting the White House from Freedom of Information Act requests by the Associated Press....

The State of the "Global Warming" Issue

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration changed the statistics to create "global warming". Danish study suggests that the Earth's orbit is responsible for cycles of global warming that date back 1.4 billion years.

If You Don't Sell Them, Somebody Else Will

France will sell 24 Rafale fighters to Egypt and another 24 to Qatar for more than $7 billion.

A Very Brave Doctor

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
- John 15:13

1,600-Year-Old Bracelet Fragment

It was discovered in Israel's Mount Carmel National Park.

Campylocentrum insulare

World's smallest orchid.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Health Insurance Under the Obama Regime

Obama's health insurance scheme offers virtually no choice to consumers. Iowa's health insurance co-op may soon be bankrupt and liquidated. The co-ops lost $614 million last year. Obama's scheme will spend $2 trillion over 10 years and still leave 31 million people uninsured. Finally in Britain, land of rationing health care, hearing aids are being rationed.

Party of Corruption, Part 120

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid helped steer billions of federal tax dollars to companies supporting a green energy group run by two of his former staff members and a current campaign operative.

There can Never be Peace for Homosexuals

To paraphrase Frederick Douglass:
While this nation is guilty of [tolerating homosexuals], it is as idle to think of having a sound and lasting peace, as it is to think there is no God to take cognizance of the affairs of men. There can be no peace to the wicked while [homosexuality] continues in the land. It will be condemned; and while it is condemned there will be agitation. Nature must cease to be nature; men must become monsters; humanity must be transformed; Christianity must be exterminated; all ideas of justice and the laws of eternal goodness must be utterly blotted out from the human soul—ere a system so foul and infernal can escape condemnation, or this guilty republic can have a sound, enduring peace. 
Kenya's deputy president stated that there is no room for homosexuals in his country.

British MP on Obama and the UN

The man seems rather astute in his evaluation of Obama and the UN.

Coins from the Fatimid Caliphate

Discovered off the Israeli coast.

US Cancer Death Rate Fell by 22% Since 1991

The overall rate of deaths from cancer decreased from about 215 per 100,000 people in 1991 to about 169 per 100,000 people in 2011....

907 lbs. Tuna

The Pacific bluefin tuna was caught off the coast of New Zealand.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Obama's "Well-Documented Disaster"

It's Obama's man-made disaster, but it's the population that have to pay for it. Macomb County, Michigan was hit with a $1.5 million fee from Obama's health insurance scheme. The cost of enrolling just 1 person in Obama's scheme through its system of co-ops was $17,000. In Britain, land of the death panels,
....staff at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust left a patient's family outside a cubicle for five hours with no explanation about what was going on.

The family could hear their mother's last hours, including her suffering several heart attacks and her eventual death, but were not allowed to see her until 45 minutes after she had died.
The waiting time for cancer treatment in Britain has now reached its highest level in 6 years.

Staples Mill Road Baptist Church Upholds Morality

I am pleased to report that the church fired an employee who was pregnant without being married.

A Regime of Liars

The Obama regime's "Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald falsely claimed he served in special operations forces during an exchange with a homeless military veteran that was caught on video earlier this year. McDonald’s spent most of his five-year military career with the 82nd Airborne Division...."

Permitless Concealed Carry in Maine

I am pleased to report that the state senate voted 21-14 and the state house voted 83-62 in favor of allowing people to carry their hand guns in a concealed manner without the need for permits.

Lasting Damage from the Traitor Snowden

Russia and China have broken into the secret cache of Edward Snowden files and that British agents have had to be withdrawn from live operations as a consequence.

When Japan Attacked Australia

The Japanese attack on Sydney harbor in 1942.

224 lbs Halibut

It was 7 ft. long and captured off Norway's Lofoten Islands.

Chocolate is Good for You

Dark chocolate can improve mental concentration and lower blood pressure. "[D]evoted consumers of chocolate -- including some who consume the equivalent of about two standard candy bars a day -- are 11% less likely than those who eat little to no chocolate to have heart attacks and strokes, and 25% less likely to die of cardiovascular disease."

Friday, June 19, 2015

Swiss = Most Sensible People on the Planet

Last year, 62% of the Swiss voters rejected a proposal for government health care. Meanwhile in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, an 89-year-old WWII veteran was left on the trolley of an emergency ward for 34 hours before a bed was found for him. Government health care in the US is just as bad. The Veterans Affairs Dept. spent about $54 million with each payment at $24,999, "one dollar below VA’s charging limit for purchase cards." A large number of the uninsured would rather pay the fine than pay for the expensive health care offered by Obama's health insurance scheme. The Obama regime also sent out 820,000 incorrect health coverage statements whereas the correct statements only numbered 740,000. Needless to say, powerful people can use their influence to escape from Obama's scheme, as Congress and their staff are exempt. The little people are not nearly so lucky.

New Hope Ministries Stands for Morality

I am pleased to note that a Colorado church stopped a funeral service for a homosexual.

Is Obama Anti-Semitic and Anti-Woman?

[Chairman of the Democratic National Committee] Wasserman Schultz has a different sense of herself. According to people who spoke with her, when she sensed Obama was considering replacing her as chair in 2013, she began to line up supporters to suggest the move was both anti-woman and anti-Semitic.
It is not surprising to see a party that thrives on identity politics and ethnic grievances use such tactics against one another.

That Lunatics Asylum a.k.a. Britain

From Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett to Sadiq Khan, Britain is a country governed by madmen.

The Heritage of Olive Oil

It was used 8,000 years ago.


Eating half a handful of peanuts or nuts a day could protect against death from cancer and heart disease....
Exposing babies to peanuts can cut the probability of peanut allergy by 80%.

65 lbs. Striped Bass

It was caught in Missouri.